Sussex university campus

The campus is self-contained with facilities, restaurants and shops including banks, bookshops, a pharmacy, a health centre, childcare facilities and cafes.Spence's designs were appreciated by architects; many of the campus buildings won awards.There are many regular community projects, such as children's activity camps, the Neighbourhood scheme, the community ambassador programme and Street Cleans.

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In its first years, the university attracted a number of renowned academics such as Sir John Cornforth, John Maynard Smith, Martin Wight, David Daiches, Roger Blin-Stoyle and Colin Eaborn.

Similarly, renowned scholars like Marcus Cunliffe, Gabriel Josipovici, Quentin Bell, Dame Helen Wallace, Stuart Sutherland and Marie Jahoda also became central figures at the University.

The campus, designed by Sir Basil Spence, is in the village of Falmer.

It is close to the South Downs, which influenced Spence's design of the campus.

The university launched its first major fundraising campaign, Making the Future, and gathered over £37 million.

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