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What was in 1878 a thriving mining town larger than Yuma, is today a ghost town and a museum showcasing the way of life of a mining town.

Located in the Castle Dome Mountains, this ghost town recognizes the pioneers who came to make their fortune from silver and copper.

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Kids will love meeting the funny looking camels, huge ostriches, miniature donkeys, a zeedonk – a cross of zebra and donkey, a llama, sheep, a giant tortoise, kinkajou, coatimundi, emu, Patagonian cavy, water buffalo, hedgehog, ibex, wallaroo, and many others.

Children can buy food for the pets and feed them, fun for both the children and the animals.

The buildings are furnished with authentic artifacts collected from the surrounding mine shafts.

Visitors can see original structures such as the mills, an original boiler, the stamp mill, an elevator, the boardwalks, the church, the five saloons, and so much more.

This crossing was important for the lives of the local Patayan and Quechan tribes, Spanish explorers, adventurers traveling to the Wild West, and for those joining the California Gold Rush.

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