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Many in Germany were outraged by his stay in the country and filed complaints against him.

French authorities have recovered all the loot stolen by a group of thieves in a brazen robbery of the Ritz hotel in Paris.

US President Donald Trump asked why the US allows immigration from "s***hole countries" while discussing a plan with two senators in the Oval Office, multiple sources say. A top German court has toppled the acquittal of seven Muslim vigilantes and told a Wuppertal court to reconvene the case.

The Karlsruhe judges said the key question was whether the "Sharia Police" intimidated the public.

Farfalla is known to fans of reality TV and casting shows.

After a one-month absence, the Bundesliga is set to kick off its second half.

"Rich and haughty" women, the ancient Greek historian railed, arrived in "covered chariots." The Persians on the Black Sea were apparently involved in similarly nefarious activities.

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