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At the Hilton Head Health Institute, Ackerman ate three restricted-calorie meals a day (followed by 20-minute walks), and had exercise sessions, nutrition lectures, cooking classes, and behavior modification seminars. Here's how to keep it off Features such as these don't come cheap.

The cost of attending an adult weight-loss retreat ranges from about ,000 to ,000 per week. Contestants on The Biggest Loser experience dramatic weight loss, but the show has come under fire because its results are sometimes temporary.

"I went there not knowing much about what I was in for," she says.

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Programs should incorporate "not just the physical experience but the emotional, psychological, and social experience both during and following the intervention," he says.

"All are critical in achieving strong outcomes." The weight-loss regimens used in clinical research are created using the best available scientific evidence, Gately adds.

Hester says that weight-loss camps are more likely to be effective if they are designed and administered by qualified health and fitness professionals, and if the program teaches people how to adopt healthy behaviors over the long term.

"Unfortunately," she says, "some weight-loss camps promote rapid weight loss through very low calorie diets and/or a punishing exercise regimen.

Nicole Mc Laren, a 26-year-old student from Washington, D.

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